Pregame: Illinois at Minnesota, Saturday, October 5th, 2:30pm CT, BTN

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Illinois at Minnesota
Saturday, October 5th
2:30pm CT

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If we somehow pull this one out, we may win 5. but in this moment, i don't think we win.
Minny hasn’t looked very impressive. Luckily for them, we are the remedy for that. I see us hanging around a while and eventually losing by two scores. Something like 31-17.
This had better be a victory.
Tough to see us getting to 5, let alone 6, without this being one of them.
I mean, I don't think it would be an exaggeration to say "we cannot stop any offense" and from there surmise a 2- or possibly 3-win season (Rutgers) is the most likely outcome. Illinois 24 - 41 Minnesoter
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Need to take some long deep breaths for a couple of weeks and then obliterate Minny for the second year in a row to get half way to our bowl game.
I've stuck around so long hoping for some sign of evolution from this staff & team, but there hasn't been a single one.

Hoping the best for the guys, but this will be a record and watch if it's close. I'm not sure how much longer the team can sustain being stomped without rolling over. Most fans (me included) already have.
This game will be Minnesota's homecoming game as well.

Prior to playing us in a couple weeks, they'll play at Purdue on Saturday with kickoff set for 2:30 PM and will air on ESPN2. The Gophers were on a bye this weekend.
I know Minnesota is not that good, but its hard for me to imagine them giving us more chances than we had against Nebraska. One of our better games as far as dumb penalties and turnover margin. I’d love to see Fleck go down in flames again, but I just don’t see it. Prove me wrong Illini, but until then 38-24 Gophers.
You could talk me into Minny -13 or Illinois -3 for this game. No clue. Purdue-Minny next week will probably help clarify things somewhat.
Might be a must-win, if we’re to be 5-6 playing for a bowl on the final Saturday.

Illini rise to the challenge and take the W.
We lose this one, we’re staring down the barrel of Michigan, Wisconsin, a road date with Rondale Moore and a then ever probable 2-6 start. This might be the most drastic case of a must win game that I’ve ever seen.
Gill Byrd tweet this morning (too lazy to go through the process to attach)
"This week's word is #innovate - to make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods or ideas. Creativity and innovation go hand in hand"

He has a word of the week where he tweets a message every morning pertaining to that word. Last week's word was Intensity. I feel as if the defense, especially the backs were more intense vs Neb. Adams was laying the wood to those dudes coming over the middle. Does this week's word indicate at least some wrinkles in the defensive game plan are coming? Interesting
I'm as disappointed as I imagine most are, but it is NOT too late and this team should not quit no matter what. No score prediction, just win please.
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Look, we have guys that are playing hard, that goal line stand was terrific and gave us a chance to win. The 4th down pass was interferance. the Nebraska guy was hanging on to his jersey. Obvious call that would have given us a first down
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These guys struggled with South Dakota State and Georgia Southern...let's beat the brakes off the Gophers.
SDS is a good program and Minn. went on the road and beat Fresno State, which Illinois could never hope to do. Illini should have a big advantage coming off a bye and with the Gophers playing this week. If Illinois had decent coaching this would matter.
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