Pregame: Illinois at Northwestern, Saturday, November 26th, 2:30pm CT, BTN

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Illinois at Northwestern
Saturday, November 26th
2:30pm CT
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I don’t care what anyone else says, I don’t want to “just win”. I want 80.

I want the defense to finally play amazing defense against a !!!!!! team again.

I want chase Brown to run for 200+ yards.

I want it to be a video game result.

These last three weeks have left a !!!! taste in my mouth.


NW played PU really tough today. Will be a challenge. 8 wins would be awesome - gotta want it.
Prediction: We win this game handily, because Northwestern is awful, and there are roughly 268 posts saying "where was this the last 3 weeks!"


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Thought it was just about time to retrieve this August 20th pre-season post (#276) I made before we had even played a game:

Best case scenario this season:
- Bielema proves he is indeed a developer of OL-first programs; and our top 7 linemen stay healthy all year
- Running game ranks #3 in the BigTen in the regular season
- QB's average 215 yards per game passing; hitting on 62% of their passes
- Walters proves he's a defensive scheme genius; and improves on our 2021 defensive stats
- Defense ranks #6 overall in the BigTen during the regular season
- 8-4 overall regular season record (incl. a 4-0 start); 5-4 conference record; and an invitation to the Music City Bowl
- Bielema finishes 3rd in COY voting
Will the Illinois offense keep Northwestern in the game? It's not out of the question that Northwestern just hangs around and pulls the game out at the end. We seen that movie before.


Will Pat Bryant be available next week? Anyone else coming back? Strain?


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If we don’t win this game I may literally die.

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Might be there too!
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