Pregame: Illinois vs Arizona, Saturday, December 11th, 4:00pm CT, FOX

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We got 2 hard-nosed dogs!! Plummer and Kofi!! Grandison is the cherry on top.

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I have a gut feeling that we practice against a press this week. Low key coaching. They gonna do it.
KenPom should have both teams ranked in the 10-13 range come Saturday. Therefore guessing the Illini by 2-3 in Vegas.

Really like how we look right now. Would be ideal to have Curbelo come off the bench at some point soon and play a role similar to last year, before settling back into a starting role after the New Year.
It will take a much better game than we just played, but we are at home. Hope they don’t press……
I don’t get these takes tonight. We just won a Big Ten road game against a good team, while leading for much of the game. It wasn’t perfect, but how often is it perfect? This was a great win, especially without Belo.

Now go beat ‘Zona and get back in the top 25 where we belong.
Just checked the schedule. It's feasible that we'll be favored (by Vegas) in the next 14 games, leading up to Purdue on the road. Lots of basketball to be played, but it does look possible. (AZ may be a toss-up.)
Arizona has waxed just about everyone except a Wichita St. team they allowed to hang around and force OT (a Wichita St. team who just lost to Kansas St., mind you). I think they’re good, but also not convinced they’re top 10 good just yet. We should be the home favorites by 2 or 3 with a rocking crowd.
My message to the players: Pass through the press and you have success, dribble through the press and you have a big mess. Lets take care of the ball on Saturday and get a win that puts us back in the top 20.
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