Pregame: Illinois vs Mississippi State, Monday, January 2nd, 11:00am CT, ESPN2

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This was the game I really like halfway through the season because I wanted our secondary vs their offense. But if I’m any of those guys who are gonna be drafted, I’m not playing this game. So if that happens, that’s kind of a bummer that we won’t see top dogs on top dogs.
I'm a lifelong Illini fan living in SC. I attended the University of South Carolina. I root for the Gamecocks along with the Illini. I am breathing a sigh of relief right now!

Now I can support both of my teams fully.

I also think the Illini match up better with Mississippi State. GO ILLINI!
I think we have actual Tampa residents here, but I've been to Raymond James several times. There's a lot within a short drive/uber, but most everything is just out of walking distance. The closest hotels are a 20-25 minute walk.
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