Pregame: Illinois vs Northwestern, Saturday, November 27th, 2:30pm CT, BTN

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Illinois vs Northwestern
Saturday, November 27th
2:30pm CT
Will we be playing for a bowl in this game? I hope! Here’s to hoping a lot of 5 win teams lose the rest of their games….
went to look at our qb depth chart, and saw this nugget: illinois' overall record is now 612–612–50 (.500).

i wonder what our record was 20 years ago after the b10 championship, 20 or 30 games over .500? hopefully we win saturday and stay over .500 for a long time.


This is a must win. Northwestern has owned us and for no good reason. Lose this game and the good feelings about how far we’ve come fade from memory. A win gives us a strong shot at a bowl game and momentum on the recruiting trail.

This is a must win.

Northwestern is dead last in the B10 by a very wide margin against the run. No excuses for game plan, OL, and RB's next week. Use the run to set up a few pass plays and we should expect much more from the offense than we got in the Rutgers and Iowa games. Finish the year with a win and put a good stamp on the season going into recruiting season and next year.
A 5-7 first year (and possible bowl) is so much to sell recruits. Plus I hate NW.

Let’s hang 30 on them! (Have we scored 30 yet this year?)
The extra months of practice for the young guys and hopefully a chance to get some of the guys who are able to re-classify or graduate HS early on campus to train and get ready is huge for building a program!.


Morris, IL
Is there an early line on next week's game? I'm guessing Illini by 10 pts.???


Morris, IL
I recommend withdrawing the entirety of your 401k and betting on the Illini to cover.
Easy money!

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Morris, IL
Based on B1G games only, points scored and points allowed by both teams, Illini by 8 pts. plus 3 pts. for homefield = Illini by 11 points (or at least by 8 points).



Line has settled in at Illinois -6.5.

Fun fact: Illinois, currently 2-3 in the division, has a chance to win 3 games vs the B1G West in a season for the first time ever on Saturday. Go Illini
I’m turning bearish. Seems that we now have pressure (to win) on us once again, similar to the Purdue, Maryland and Rutgers games.

Fitz douses our bowl game aspirations. And Vegas knows/realizes this one is a toss-up if played on a neutral field.

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23 Illini

8-3 this year in predicting winners. (Missed the UTSA, PSU and Minny upsets).
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