Pregame: Illinois vs Rutgers, Friday, March 12th, 5:30pm CT, BTN

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Big Ten Tournament (Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, IN)

#2 Illinois vs #7 Rutgers
Friday, March 12th
5:30pm CT

Big Ten Tournament Bracket
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If you claim that you're big ten champs (which all post-game comments alluded to), you better come and play your A-game.
Not needed for the conference tournament. I want my A-game in the NCAA tournament. Again you are putting too much stock in one weekend vs. 3 months. I don't care about winning the conference tournament. if we do great but that means nothing compared to what we have done and what we have coming up after next weekend.
Very excited to see the intensity and focus. Thought this had all the signs of a let down game. Very impressive victory against a hungry team. Keep this up for 9 more games.
Updated Big Ten Tournament seeding outlook:
- Michigan is the 1 seed
- Illinois is the 2 seed
- Iowa/Purdue are the 3/4 seeds. Iowa is the 3 if they win, Purdue is the 3 if Iowa loses to Wisconsin
- Ohio State is the 5 seed
- Wisconsin is the 6 seed
- Maryland/Rutgers are the 7/8 seeds. Rutgers are the 7 seed unless Maryland wins and Wisconsin loses, then Maryland would be the 7 seed.
- Michigan State is the 9 seed
- Indiana is the 10 seed
- Penn State is the 11 seed
- Minnesota/Northwestern are the 12/13 seeds. Northwestern is 12 with a win, Minnesota is 12 with a Northwestern loss to Nebraska. Regardless, they will play each other Wednesday.
- Nebraska is the 14 seed

That sets up the following matchups:

- 6:30 PM ET: 12/13 Minnesota vs Northwestern
- 25 minutes after first game: 11 Penn State vs 14 Nebraska

- 11:30 AM ET: 8 Maryland/Rutgers vs 9 Michigan State
- 25 minutes after first game: 5 Ohio State vs Minnesota/Northwestern winner
- 6:30 PM ET: 7 Rutgers/Maryland vs 10 Indiana
- 25 minutes after previous game: 6 Wisconsin vs PSU/Nebraska winner

- 11:30 AM ET: 1. Michigan vs 8/MSU winner
- 25 minutes after first game: 4 Purdue/Iowa vs OSU/MN/NW winner
- 6:30 PM ET: 2 Illinois vs 7/IU winner
- 25 minutes after previous game: 3 Iowa/Purdue vs WI/PSU/NE winner
I believe we wont have a letdown and will win as they will have Thursday hopefully playing a triple OT game against IU LOL
Honestly..I think BU will merge offense with Ayo and offense without Ayo schemes because...we were dribbling out front wayyy to much, no flow to offense many minutes. Last game the ball was moving fantastic. Still happy with 70+ and a win.
So we likely play Iowa, Purdue or Wisconsin in the semi on Saturday.
For the potential second game, I believe I'd prefer see Iowa to Purdue. If Iowa beats Wisconsin today, which seems likely, that would be our potential match up.
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