Pregame: Illinois vs St. Francis (IL.) (Exhibition), Saturday, October 23rd, 8:00pm CT, B1G+

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I don't think St. Francis has a prayer.
So in person scouting analysis? Or does anyone have anything about this game that isn't their opinion on how Coach will use the team?

it’s an exhibition against an NAIA opponent. I don’t think even the team is interested at all about what they are going to do. The only things worth talking about in the matchup is the rotations we play and the new guys we get to see
It would be crazy if someone on Loyalty was nice enough to lend me their BIG+ account for a day...
Too late. Sold out.

I'm going to remeber this later in the year. Normally I could grab tickets last minute but everyone is so starved to be at games and excited for the team they could be hard to come by.
I think this is what you meant to say... University of St. Francis is in my hometown of Joliet! Division II! same conference as Southern Indiana, former home of SATAN.
My niece's husband coaches cross country and works in admissions. He said they were NAIA.
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