Purdue 31, Illinois 24 Postgame



Man, what a bummer. Saying that we have come crashing back down to earth from just two short weeks ago is putting it lightly.

It’s unfortunate that we lost today. It’s especially unfortunate that we played with so little discipline.

The harsh reality is that this is a somewhat mediocre 5-6 win football team that benefited from down years from both Iowa and Wisconsin.

Sick for Chase. Sick for the staff/ Josh.


Evansville, IN
chase brown injury the cherry on top of one of the all time disappointing illini losses for me
They (Chase included) surely wanted him to get 100 yards. Illinois football risking self-immolation when nothing else works to get over the hump.

Yup. It's definitely one of THOSE losses.


Chicago, IL
I’ve seen a lot of terrible Illinois football games. This might be the worst game I’ve ever watched, considering how hyped we’ve been and then how much of an egg we’ve laid the last two weeks. Then there was the Chase Brown injury on a meaningless play. Awful.
Agree. I thought last week was bad. Shame on me.


This one hurt way more than last week. Not sure why exactly, but it does. I guess because last week we still had the ability to reach all our goals. Now we realistically need a miracle. K

Let’s face it. We were not as good as we thought. But we were good enough to still win the west. And we let it slip away. Poor performance today by both sides of the ball. Bad calls sure, but we couldn’t stop Purdue and we couldn’t run or pass effectively against a poor defense.
I wouldn't say the team is specifically good at any part of the game right now. We dodn't have a product that deserved to win the last couple games so I can't be upset about officiating.