Some of you may know that there is a PROFESSIONAL WOMEN’S HOCKEY LEAGUE (PWHL)
The championship series is underway now, Minnesota vs Boston. It is a best of five series, currently tied at one game apiece.

So far as I know, the only connection to Illinois is me, but I'm aware there is hockey interest on this board and the quality of play seems to be very high. I stumbled across a Montreal - Boston playoff game on TV and was quite impressed. So, my family and I watched the end of the final Montreal - Boston game and remained impressed. Admittedly, none of us know much about hockey, but some of the hits seemed worthy of the NHL. On a couple, I wondered if the ladies weren't getting away with something.........

My spouse and daughter went to the first championship game held in Tsongas Arena in nearby Lowell, MA - Minnesota vs Boston. But for illness, I would have gone. They enjoyed the game tremendously. The atmosphere was electric and the game play impressive.

The next two games are in Minnesota. Those who may have the opportunity to attend should consider doing so. Those who may be able to find the game on cable, a streaming service, or however, may want to consider watching (see the website above for coverage). If you don't have access, you may want to ask your providers why not.

We are quite hopeful that the PWHL survives and expands.
We are quite hopeful that the PWHL survives and expands.

Some years ago, Women’s Soccer (Futbol) in America captured National interest and attention. Right now it is Women’s Pro roundball that is gaining much greater interest and following.

It’s the next logical step now for The Ice Game to be the next Women’s sport to gain a stronger foothold in the National and International sports scene.

Everyone has a place at the sports table. Everyone needs a place to compete and find joys and sorrows just as been done for ages in the well-established legacy Sports leagues World.

The success or lack-thereof of this Women's hockey league will depend on how well it is run and what the long-term finances are. Of note is that Spring Pro Football Leagues have tried for a long time to take a permanent place in the American Sports World and up until now have failed. A failure due to... finances and the competence of those running things.

MLS is finally on solid ground but only after attempts that began way back in the late 1960s with leagues that did not take hold at the American pro level.

(And on a related matter with regard to the sport of hockey... go Stars and Panthers!)