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TL;DR: Keep ticket posts short, to the point, updated, and free of stories (sob or otherwise).

The Tickets Forum is a place where you can request extras or list your available tickets/parking passes. It is recommended that you use the Conversations (private messaging) system to share your personal contact info.

* Refrain from referencing your Tickets posts anywhere else on the board.
* Specify if you are looking for or selling tickets in the title of your thread.
* Specify the section, row number, and price of your available tickets.
* Keep your listing updated. Reply to your thread if the status has changed (tickets sold, no longer looking, change in quantities, etc). Listings that appear to be abandoned will be removed.
* No stories (sob or otherwise).
* Thread bumping is allowed under the following conditions: If you are updating the status of your listing, or if 24 hours has passed since the last post in your listing (for a good ol' fashioned bump).
* Links are not allowed in your ticket post.
*The Tickets Forum is not a discussion forum. Post in the Tickets Forum only if you are looking for tickets or have tickets available.
Not open for further replies.