Ty Rodgers on the USA U18 National Team

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Final score: 102-60 USA

The "scrubs" went in for the US midway through the third quarter. The quality of play dropped significantly. People were not boxing out. Brazil started getting the loose balls and rebounds. There were a lot of bad passes by the US as players tried to push the ball upcourt quickly, and force it inside.

Ty was beaten badly off the dribble a few times early in the third. His replacement fared no better. (Brazil #9 was doing the damage.)
9 was Brazil's best player. He had 22 points in a one point win over Canada in the semifinals. He ended 6/22 with 15 points.

Rodgers finished the game with 20:04 Minutes, 6 points, 3/3 from the field, 3 rebounds, 2 assists, +13.

Cam Whitmore lead the way with 30 points, Kel'el Ware finished with 21 points.

Canada's point guard Vasean Allette (Class of 2023) finished in the tournament "All-Star Five". For the U.S., Cam Whitmore (2022 - Villanova) and Kel'el Ware (2022 - Oregon) made the "All-Star Five" for the USA. Cam Whitmore was named Tournament MVP (previous MVPs of this tournament were Stanley Johnson, Markelle Fultz and Quentin Grimes).

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Congrats, Ty, great job by you and the rest of the USA team on winning the championship!!!

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Couldn’t find the final team stats but it didn’t appear to me that they shot very well as a team (other than Whitmore). Their scoring was primarily in transition and they did that very well in large part due to their defense. Percentage of two point shots seemed poor except when they were dunks. Might be a preview of how we will play this year.


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