UVA shooting



Rockford, Illinois
I am so very, very sad to hear that in the University of Virginia shooting, three students died on a class field trip to see a play while on a bus. All three were UVA football players. The suspect who is in custody was a former UVA football player. Unspeakable horror. Prayers are with the families, teammates, coaches, and friends of these young men.
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Herndon, VA
We were actually there attending the football game on Saturday as my high school senior son took part in the High School Band Day hosted by the Cavalier Marching Band. Got there Friday and left on Sunday at about 1:30 after we had lunch. From videos shown on TV, it looks like the shootings took place where the band practices by the Band building. Having a very eerie feeling right about now. RIP to those young men just starting out in there adult life.


Rockford, Illinois
According to reports, the seriously injured student is Mike Hollins, their junior running back, who was shot in the back with a bullet being lodged in his stomach, per his father…More prayers sent…


Arlington, Virginia
UVA has cancelled their home finale this weekend against Coastal Carolina. No decision has been made on whether they'll play Virginia Tech in the Commonwealth Cup game in Blacksburg next weekend.
Virginia's hoops team apparently is travelling to Vegas to meet Baylor tomorrow evening. I'd bet that the football team will play VT next Saturday as a tribute to their murdered brothers, and a chance for the Virginia schools to come together. Seems that simply ending the season for UVa after the Pitt game last weekend would add to the sense of loss for the team heading into the off-season.

I'm planning to attend the game, if it goes ahead, with my daughter, who's a freshman engineering major at VT, though I haven't bought the tickets yet. Just sick about this atrocity. And it happened similarly, but on a larger scale, at VT 15 years ago. I've seen a lot of VT sympathy for the UVa community this week.