Week 13 Games

Week 13 CFB games

Thursday, November 25th

Ole Miss at Mississippi State
6:30pm CT - ESPN

Friday, November 26th

Iowa at Nebraska
12:30pm CT - BTN

Saturday, November 27th

Ohio State at Michigan
11:00am CT - FOX

Maryland at Rutgers
11:00am CT - BTN

Indiana at Purdue
2:30pm CT - FS1

Penn State at Michigan State
2:30pm CT - ABC

Wisconsin at Minnesota
3:00pm CT - FOX

Oklahoma at Oklahoma State
6:30pm CT - ABC
So far in two games Ia has scored one TD and looks like they might win both games. Either they are lucky or what else do you call it.
Other top games of the day include Alabama-Auburn, Oregon State-Oregon, and Oklahoma-Oklahoma State.

Only other state school playing today is SIU playing at South Dakota in the first round of the FCS playoffs.
M tipping over
I would expect them to go to #2. It would be a better win than anything Alabama, Cincinnati or Notre Dame has, and the loss to MSU was not a bad loss.
That makes sense. I also just realized that ND is actually behind both teams (for now) in the CFP rankings. I wonder if there is a world in which this actually pushes Cincy out of the playoffs.
I live in Columbus and obviously not a fan of either team. But I always preferred Buckeyes to UM when I was a kid, and if forced to choose now I’d still lean that way. Still, nice to see Michigan win every once in awhile — especially like this — cuz OSU fans are a pain when living amongst them.