Week 13 Games



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So is there any possibility of winning the West still?

Absolutely. We just need 3 results to go our way ;)

- Beat Northwestern
- Purdue loses to Indiana
- Iowa loses to Nebraska

Those 3 things happen and we're going to Indy.

Edit: for those thinking "no way", remember we needed Nebraska basketball to win at Wisconsin last year to give us a chance at a title share. Crazy stuff happens!


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So is there any possibility of winning the West still?
Technically yes. But Iowa beating MN was likely bad. Better chance Wisconsin beats Minnesota than Nebraska beating Iowa.

What needs to happen:
1) Nebraska beats Iowa
2) Indiana beats Purdue AND
3) Illinois beats Northwestern

Edit: Looks like danielb927 beat me, but he is spot on.

Of the three teams left (Iowa, Purdue, and Illini), I think we match up best against Michigan/Ohio St., followed by Iowa. Purdue would get stomped.
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Orange Krush Class of 2013
Rochester, MN
Thought it was interesting that MN/Wisc now has no impact on who goes to Indy.

Iowa goes with a win.
Purdue goes with a win and Iowa loss.
Illini go with a win and both of the above losing.

If all 3 lose, Iowa would go.


Sugar Grove
Games of interest for West Division (teams we need to win in bold):
1) Iowa vs Nebraska - Fri 11/25 3 PM CT - BTN
2) Purdue @ Indiana - Sat 11/26 2:30 PM CT - BTN
3) Illinois @ Northwestern - Sat 11/26 2:30 PM CT - BTN

Side note: If Iowa loses on Friday, there will be multiple spectators in orange streaming the Purdue game on their phones at Ryan Field (myself included).

Game of interest for East Division:
1) Ohio State vs Michigan - Sat 11/26 11 AM CT - Fox
College Gameday heading to Columbus for Michigan-Ohio State next weekend.
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Week 13 Games Thread

Friday, November 25th

Tulane at Cincinnati
11:00am CT - ABC

Nebraska at Iowa
3:00pm CT - BTN

Saturday, November 26th

Michigan at Ohio State
11:00am CT - FOX

Rutgers at Maryland
11:00am CT - BTN

Purdue at Indiana
2:30pm CT - BTN

Minnesota at Wisconsin
2:30pm CT - ESPN

Oregon at Oregon State
2:30pm CT - ABC

Michigan State at Penn State
3:00pm CT - FS1

Notre Dame at USC
6:30pm CT - ABC


Springfield, Il
Mississippi State wins the Egg Bowl 24 - 22 over Ole Miss.
For the gentle readers of this here chatroom who are frequently mystified by the play calling of our beloved, Lane Kiffin burned back-to-back time outs after scoring the touchdown to bring the score to 24-22 with just over a minute left. The 2-point attempt, a shovel pass, but broken up by one of MSU's gigantic D-linemen, ensuring the MSU victory. Oh, and Ole Miss got ball for their scoring drive when Mike Leach called a QB keeper on a 2nd and goal. It was pouring down rain, and MSU's running backs had been gashing the Ole Miss D the entire second half. A TD there would have iced the game, but the QB got stripped of the ball at the 1 yard line. Ole Miss then marched 99 yards to pull the game to within 2 points.
With Tulane’s win over Cincy:

They go to their first conference championship game ever.

They broke Cincy’s 32-game home winning streak.

They broke their own 61-game losing streak against ranked teams. Hadn’t beaten a ranked team since the 80s.

I won’t be surprised if Willie Fritz gets looked at for some bigger jobs. He’d be a good fit at Kansas. He’s from the area.