Wisconsin 45, Illinois 7 Postgame

North Bethesda, Maryland
I would love to see a post game presser where a coach doesn’t say the team they played ”was a good team,” but is honest and says “sure, we looked great, but they have issues.”
Faber College
We should at least be competitive at this point. It's not happening with this staff.
Western Illinois
I have to take the blame for this game! I should have known better. Every time I bet on the Illini they lose. I put $50 on them to cover.
Bethalto, IL
I've said it multiple times. I don't fault Whitman for hiring Lovie, but you absolutely HAVE to have a coach who is hungry to win. This was Lovie's swan song and while I'm sure he wanted to win he didn't need to prove anything. When (either this year or next year) we hire a new coach I'd love to see a guy who wants to take on the whole world.
BU:1 Trash cans:0
I knew Wisconsin was going to be good, but I didn't expect us to look this bad. Wisconsin couldn't have played much better; we couldn't have played much worse. Whitman needs to sit down with this staff and get some answers. This is simply not good enough at this point.
That was with their backup QB as well. Oh dear god were in trouble.