WSP/Parsons Brinkerhoff

near Ogden & Rt 83
Im not a STEM guy, but my son in grad school is .
He's been flown to the east coast on their dime today, for an interview with them tomorrow.
I was an accounting grad, started out at Arthur Andersen , because in 1983, in Chicago, they were the tihs. I left way before the crap hit the fan . But I know the benefits of starting out at a place where great people and great clients are all over the place.

But , does anyone here have any insights into that company, or outfits just like them ?
near Ogden & Rt 83
He got the offer on Friday, after he flew back.
he will probably accept it.

any advice anyone has about living in Boston ?
My advice about living in Boston is DON'T, but that isn't really helpful, and you are a fellow Illini fan, so.... Can you provide the address of his office? That would be most helpful for anyone providing advice.
near Ogden & Rt 83
he's right at the corner of Boylston & Arlington....which is just on the southwest corner of Boston Commons Park........
he is presenting his thesis in mid March, going on an annual ski trip to Vail with a bunch of his HinsCent buddies class of '13 in early April and wants to start the third week of April.

He's going to have to sublet from someone until Aug 31, as it seems lots of leases there runm 9/1 - 8/31 due to the school year and Boston having umpteen colleges and law/grad/med schools. He'd love to live within walking distance to the office, at least this spring/summer. The T has a station right at his office's corner , so longer term he just needs to be close to a station on the residence side.
I wish I could be more helpful, but you have a good handle on the situation. Rents won't be cheap, but Craigslist comes to mind. He may also want to consider locating in a nice suburb on the T and getting used to the ride. There is a poster who lives in Somerville who may be able to help, but he hasn't posted in quite awhile. Perhaps he is lurking and will respond.
near Ogden & Rt 83
thanks. He's 24, he only really knows one guy from his undergrad days at OklaSt who is there , and I know he'll want to start out in the city, at least for awhile , just so he can be with a lot of people his age.

So many grad schools there, he's hoping he meets a bunch of female ones. He's selling his car also - either here (will be my task) or there as soon as he gets there.

He really never thought he would end up there, but he told me when he started grad school he would love to start his career out on the east coast. Crazy how dreams sometimes do come true. Where it leads to in 5 years, who knows. Its a very respected , worldwide outfit with clients all over. He will have some travel, not long term , but 3-5 day trips will be common twice a month .