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XFL Player Salaries
Players earn $800 for every week of training camp that they make it through until they make the team.
After accomplishing that, salaries increase. The base salary for each player is $59,000.
There also appears to be a per-game payment of $5,000. For every win, players earn an extra $1,000.

not an easy way to make a living after you take out the cost of sharing housing in an extended living joint and breakfast/dinner. I will assume the teams pay for lunch.
I like the kick off rule a lot, but think it could be a little more interesting if the line of scrimmage was staggered or angled across the field. Don't think you'll see nearly any big kick off returns.
Overall, I think the extra point rules, the rules encouraging kick returns and discouraging fair catches on punts, and the rules that make late game come backs more possible add up to a game with fewer empty plays and less incentive to go into an offensive shut down during the fourth quarter.

From a strictly football-nerd standpoint, there are enough new strategic wrinkles to keep you engaged.


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