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Rip Hst

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As you may or may not have heard, Dr. Hunter S. Thompson ate a bullet sometime Sunday evening.

Page 2 has a link to both his first and his last P2 columns. Both are definitely worth a peek.


I encourage those so inclined to raise a glass of bourbon to that fantastic and selfish !!!!!!! sometime soon.

The waitress said, "We have stuffed mushrooms, veal-stuffed shells, white pizza, pasta, steamed mussels...." "Just keep it coming," Rick Majerus replied. "Would you like some veal parmesan?" "Yeah, we'll take five of those." The waitress walked away. "Does she know I'm not kidding?" Majerus said. "I hope she knows I'm not kidding."
[Sports Illustrated, 3/17/2000]
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Re: Rip Hst

Shocking news, I enjoyed the man's writings.

I visited Hunter's home in Aspen many years ago. I was with a group in an unmarked white van on a celebrity tour. We tentatively pulled into his driveway to get a peek, afterwards our guide said he was relieved that HST didn't burst out the door to chase us away with his shotgun (apparently it had happened before).
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