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    Illini Basketball 2019-2020

    I’m a little surprised on the Hamlin commit just based on casually following Lincoln basketball. His tape looks pretty good for an 11th hour flier commit. I think his coming from Lincoln is a good indicator that he’s coachable, and that BU’s personal style isn’t going to run him off.
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Purdue

    At this rate the entire team will foul out.
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    2/27 Games

    Penn State just beat Maryland at Penn State. They're peaking at a pretty good time. Edit: In case anyone missed that.
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Purdue

    I hope Ayo and Feliz are quick enough to keep up with Edwards on the dribble from the start. Ayo's length could frustrate him and Feliz plays so hard that I can't imagine not getting frustrated with him.
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Penn State

    Still enough time to win, but I'm not seeing how it happens. I hope I'm wrong.
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Penn State

    How does that make any sense? Wasn't the block was because the PS player threw his elbow into him?
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Penn State

    I'm at a bar with no sound. What was the call on the foul flagrant foul combo? How do they call a foul on Felix and give a flagrant when the contact was caused by the flagrant?
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    Pregame: Illinois at Wisconsin, Monday, February 18th, 7:00pm CT, FS1

    Vanderbilt got in at-large in 2017 and Alabama got in at-large in 2018 with 15 losses both at 19-15.
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    Illinois 63, Ohio State 56 POSTGAME

    How I feel rn.
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    Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (January 2019)

    I expect Ayo to at least declare and see where it goes.
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    Northwestern 68, Illinois 66 POSTGAME

    And it will be the craziest win possible. Probably the next one. Or against MSU. Or OSU on the road or something.
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Northwestern

    Agreed, but different level today. NW has been pretty bad at post d this half.
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Northwestern

    De La Rosa having some kind of day.
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Northwestern

    I spend most games furious about the refereeing. Like, I know we commit fouls like crazy, but the amount of leeway other teams get on bodying and hand checking out ballhandlers while we get called for every darn touch foul is pretty frustrating.