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    Illinois vs Wisconsin, Saturday, October 19th, 11:00am CT, BTN

    So make one thing clear to me. It’s all the coaches’ fault, so you’re going to make the players go out in front of an empty stadium, because that way you’ll make an administration that doesn’t care about winning suddenly start to care and fire the athletic director, so maybe we can get someone...
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    How to watch the Illini

    I got YTTV specifically for BTN. Actually I’m in B1G territory but my local cable won’t carry BTN because (a) BTN requires cable providers to put BTN on basic coverage, and (b) they’re expensive, especially for smaller cable providers to justify.
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    Illini Basketball 2019-2020

    How did you order tickets? We want to but havent found the source.
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    Pregame: Illinois at Minnesota, Saturday, October 5th, 2:30pm CT, BTN

    At least whatever we are...a big orange I...we're not rodents.
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    Pregame: Illinois vs Nebraska, Saturday, September 21st, 7:00pm CT, BTN

    I was there for the ‘66-‘69 seasons, saw the football augur into the turf big time. Yet we still came. But where did the students sit? Not in the end zone. In the upper deck on the east side. How do I know? I was in East Block I, in the East lower deck, and when Illinois made a first down, rolls...
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    Illinois vs Nebraska (Sept. 21): 7:00pm CT

    All Orange looks like Team Carrot.
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    Pregame: Illinois vs Eastern Michigan, Saturday, September 14th, 11:00am CT, BTN

    I just want to see Illinois back at as full strength as possible at this point. and play sharp, with no stupid penalties.
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    Illinois 31, UConn 23 POSTGAME

    I was at the game with great seats on the 50 yard line in the top row. Great except that we were completely surrounded by UConn fans who pre-excused their performance...and then that happened. We turned it around and they quieted down, but in the fourth they were moving the ball, it seemed like...
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    Pregame: Illinois at UConn, Saturday, September 7th, 2:30pm CT, CBSSN

    They can make the discount deeper: Pay people to come. That said, I wonder if the UConn know that a lot of Illini are coming and they were afraid of more Illini Orange in the stands than Husky blue. I bought my tickets from the UConn athletic department, and I got two phone calls from them...
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    Pregame: Illinois at UConn, Saturday, September 7th, 2:30pm CT, CBSSN

    The office that handles trademarks thinks it owns the colors orange and blue. The TM is to make sure that no one makes something that looks like an Illini football jersey, at least without paying the university its rather hefty licensing fee. That said, I'm going with B-O-B for the game tomorrow.
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    Illini Basketball 2019-2020

    Single game tickets not on sale yet, and Braggin' Rights tix. Does anyone know how to (try to?) get those?
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    Pregame: Illinois at UConn, Saturday, September 7th, 2:30pm CT, CBSSN

    And there are about 4,000 UIUC alumni in NJ (including my sister in Marlton who won't be coming up), plus 412 in VT, 735 in NH, and 548 in Maine. Pennsylvania has about 4,600, so figure half of that. That's a total of approximately 8,000 of just UIUC alums. Add that to CT, MA, RI and NY, and...