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    2020 NFL Draft Thread

    I’m a packers fan (I know, shame me), and it kills me that they won’t draft a wide receiver, it’s not even a “we could use another decent receiver or young talent at the position”. It’s that it’s the most glaring hole on the roster by far IMO, no reason not to take a chance on at least 1 or 2...
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    No fans at NCAA Tournament, B1G Tournament

    No it’s actually not. Since Gobert tested positive the Utah Jazz players and any teams they’ve played in the last two weeks would have to refrain from play for two weeks. That would result in teams playing a differing number of games at the end of the season. The logistics of it wouldn’t work as...
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    Michigan State 70, Illinois 69 POSTGAME

    Man. I honestly am very impressed with that rally, that was definitely not a typical fake rally. And the ending, couldn’t have been any sadder. God I hope Ayo is okay, prayers up
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Michigan State

    1st half offense wasn’t any better, nor has the 2nd half defense thus far sadly
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    Iowa 72, Illinois 65 POSTGAME

    Glad Chin stuck up for us. Thinking it’s gotta be in regards to that last dunk by Wieskamp, can’t stand that guy and the way he carries himself, nor Fran’s son for that matter with the same demeanor
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Iowa

    Geez. Man I love these Illini in a special way
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    Illinois Loyalty Location Census

    Born in ATL, grew up in a little town called Anderson right outside of Clemson, SC into a family full of Clemson fans. If further asked I’ll elaborate exactly how I became an Illini fan but my family could not stand the fact that I was cheering for a different team in Orange. That was back in...
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Wisconsin

    Whenever one of our players makes a good play, seems like the same player has been getting called for a foul the next trip on defense a bit much tonight. And that last possession seemed like someone, whether Ayo or one of the Wisconsin players touched that ball out of bounds, what gives?
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    Northwestern 29, Illinois 10 POSTGAME

    *Best QB options for that game. Brandon Peters for one, and then IW, just because he’s an athlete, let him see what he can do while we’re down our top 3 receivers (Bhebe, Sidney, Smalling). Not that it matters, but also throw in that we had no Stampley, Holmes, and Carter at receiver. I did not...
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    Northwestern 29, Illinois 10 POSTGAME

    Glad you took the bait, thank you very much. From 2009 to the current commits in our 2020 class, we have received commitments from 12 four-star recruits, 8/12 of those recruits have came in the past 3 years with Lovie at the Helm. Also, since the 2009 recruiting class, all of Lovie’s recruiting...
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    Northwestern 29, Illinois 10 POSTGAME

    I’m not sure some of the people on this forum understand the amount of recruiting attrition that would happen if Lovie was fired. I would say a few current players and many of our current recruits are coming to Illinois because of Lovie, the name behind it, the NFL experience, and knowing how to...
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    Iowa 19, Illinois 10 POSTGAME

    No one really mentioned it during the game thread at the end. But sure hope Peters is okay, and for Jive Turkey saying Robinson would’ve done better, the point was already laughable but that last minute of the game shut the case pretty quick. We need Brandon back and wish him well, any hit to...
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Iowa

    How is that not targeting??
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Iowa

    IMO looked like Gay got held while Stanley escaped, but Harding usually makes that tackle and that’s a situation where you have got to make it.
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Iowa

    That play is gonna define this game. Those are momentum shifters