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    Ayo Dosunmu, Kofi Cockburn return for 2020-2021 season

    Man, after months of COVID induced home-lockdown this news got me sooooooooooooooo AMPED. I can't decide if I want to fight random people or make sweet love to them. Either way, neighbors in my building might could be in some trouble.
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    Illinois 78, Iowa 76 POSTGAME

    My virtual game ball goes to Kipper. On Senior Day, I wanna honor the young man not just for his play today, but for the effort and perseverance - the heart - that he has given throughout his time as an Illini. To me, Kipper's effort and contribution today, on his Senior Day, is symbolic of the...
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Iowa

    Kipper got Senior Night presents for ya mama and ya sister. Uggggggn. Good Kipper is back. Hide yo wife hide yo kids. I am caffeinated AF and this 2nd half got me ready to fight the whole block. LESSSS GOOOOO ILLINI!
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Ohio State

    Not fuh nothin. But the Ohio State cheerleaders are *busted*. Buckeyes. More like Busteyes. Damn. 6 seconds of screen time and now I need a drink plus therapy.
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    Illinois 67, Indiana 66 POSTGAME

    Feliz gettin that loose ball equals redemption for losing that one at Maryland. Give a game, take a game.
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    Illinois 62, Penn State 56 POSTGAME

    What a season, eh? I need to jump in a cold lake right about now. My whole **** is on fire.
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs Maryland

    Everytime Griffin makes a big play he looks like he just took the biggest bong hit out of a room full of Jamaicans. Tell me I'm lyin.
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    Illinois 59, Minnesota 51 POSTGAME

    Some of y'all owe Damonte Williams flowers.
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    Illinois 64, Michigan 62 POSTGAME

    When that part of the year comes when elementary school teachers across the state of Illinois teach their students about the different cold-blooded animals that roam this earth, I think you gon have to include a few lessons about Ayo Dosunmu in that curriculum from here on out.
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    1/23 Games

    Man, somebody give this dude a hug. Nobody should have to go through life living in fear like this.
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    Illinois 71, Wisconsin 70 POSTGAME

    I mean, like, how you gonna expect your players to respect you after they find out that your wife let the team manager smash. Skinny lil Martin with the crooked spectacles - AND teeth - whose job it is to pick up all the nasty towels after the players shower. That pain is real.
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    Illinois 71, Wisconsin 70 POSTGAME

    Yo, there was a graphic during the game that stated how Wisconsin had held us under 70 points for an even longer stretch than our 15 game losing streak. So we erased two marks of extreme shame tonight. In a completely unrelated point: I'm watching Greg Gard in the post-game right now, and...
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    Illinois 71, Wisconsin 70 POSTGAME

    I mean, all you can say is: HELL YES.
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Wisconsin

    Man, cain't nobody say **** about Ayo after today! My boy saw the scoreboard and the clock, then busted out like "HOLLAR AT ME LAKERS!"
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    Game Thread: Illinois at Wisconsin

    Man, Wisconsin got like 4-5 players who look like the type of dudes who would see a woman naked and immediately start crying. Take a good look at these dudes' faces and see if you can't picture it.