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    Baylor game

    Not sure if it was mentioned here, but the Baylor-Seton Hall game was canceled, so we will be Baylor's opener.
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    Game Thread: Illinois vs North Carolina A&T

    As Paulie said to Rocky, "If you hit Creed like that, they're gonna throw us in jail for moider."
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    Illini Football 2020

    Wisconsin QB Jack Coan injures his foot and is out indefinitely.
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    Illini Football & CFB Thread

    That's part of it, but also, several Pac-12 schools are operating under much stricter COVID restrictions. The UC schools just announced they're going to be all online for SPRING semester.
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    Coronavirus Pandemic

    Yep, the steps you'd need to make things as safe as possible would shatter the already weak rationale upon which bigtime college sports rest. So you shut down or go forward knowing you're not making things as safe as possible.
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    Illini Football & CFB Thread

    Uh, he doesn't just have a source, he starts his tweets with "SOURCE:" Under Twitter law, anything you say after that opening MUST be true.
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    Big Ten Cancels Fall Football (CFB Thread)

    The challenge is that the existence of COVID and reaction to it varies so widely. Our school decided to be a leader in this area and statewide positivity is 4.2%. Iowa came late to the party and is at 17.5%. Among B1G states, New Jersey is lowest at 1.6%. Do you tell Rutgers to pack a couple...
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    Big Ten Cancels Fall Football (CFB Thread)

    For many years now, the Big Ten has been making major decisions that don't necessarily align with the league's tradition or even the wishes of many fans. The response to objectors has always been "Yeah, we know, but look at the money." Use that rationale enough and it becomes awfully hard to...
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    Big Ten Cancels Fall Football (CFB Thread)

    I wish that before every young person graduated from an American high school they were forced to memorize the sentence, "There is not a legal remedy for every single thing I don't like and/or think is unfair."
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    Big Ten Cancels Fall Football (CFB Thread)

    Wow, this sounds like a horrendous policy: "Health officials have said students who provide an out-of-town home address or don’t self-report a positive test at a non-UNC-affiliated testing site are not immediately counted in Orange County. ' I'm a student from out of town. I go to an...
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    Big Ten Cancels Fall Football (CFB Thread)

    I can't swear this is true, but when I went to UI someone told me the two Big Ten programs with the most league titles were Michigan football and Illinois fencing. It probably didn't many any difference in the end, but when a couple of them burned the football field, that probably squelched any...
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    Big Ten Cancels Fall Football (CFB Thread)

    For example, Stanford just cut its high-level fencing program, which has included some recent Olympians. Of the 20 or so schools getting votes in the most recent coaches' poll, just three are west of the Mississippi (others are San Diego and Air Force). Eight are in New York, New Jersey or...
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    Big Ten Cancels Fall Football (CFB Thread)

    I hate to be a cynic, but much of Nebraska's fan base still lives in a world where they just need to beat Oklahoma to get a spot in the national championship rather than struggling to beat Iowa and Northwestern and finishing under .500 in conference more often than not. Maybe they see this as...
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    Campus Memories

    Yes, I still love those shorts. I remember swallowing hard to pay $60 or whatever, but now it's money well spent! I remember those jerseys, which were nice, better than what the Bubba Smith-era team work, but the one I was referring to is below. It is possible that I got it at a different...