Bears / NFL Thread 2018-2019

A little bit of gamesmanship with this? Short week, give the Lions 1 more thing to have to gameplan for. That's what I am telling myself to feel good.
A little bit of gamesmanship with this? Short week, give the Lions 1 more thing to have to gameplan for. That's what I am telling myself to feel good.
I don't know the repercussions from "exaggerating" on the injury report. Of course, a sore shoulder has A LOT of varying degrees. So, I guess I answered my own question.
I'm okay with Daniel starting on Thursday if Trubisky is not 100%. Give him basically two weeks between games to get the shoulder healthy.

Of course there will be those meatball fans that will think Daniel should be the starter going forward if he has a good game against Detroit.
Trubisky was been downgraded to "doubtful" and the third-string QB has been promoted to the active roster. Looks like Chase will be starting Thrusday...

I agree, should be alright. Both teams are playing on three-days rest, so a fresh QB could be an advantage here. Hopefully Howard and Cohen can put up some good numbers to keep the ball moving and keep the tired Detroit D on the field.
Chase Daniel for President! Great job. Best back-up QB performance I've seen, I think, since Steve Fuller - the best.

A while ago I mentioned the Monsters of the Midway might have returned. Lo and behold, there's Mitchell wearing MOTM hoodie on the sideline. Got to get me one of those.

But Bears have to shore up the running game. I see similarities between 85-86 Bears and this edition, but 85-86 had a great running game in Payton and Suhey.

Go Bears.
So someone who knows NFL signing rules, any reason Bears couldn’t sign Chase McLaughlin once today’s Illini game ends?
For the same reason the Bears (or anyone else) couldn't sign Nick Bosa, despite the fact that he dropped out of tOSU and should be healthy in time for the NFL Playoffs. All players, when newly-eligible (either finish college eligibility or declare early for the draft), need to go through the draft first. If undrafted then they can be signed by anybody.

I don't think McLaughlin will get drafted - last year only 1 kicker got drafted - but if he plays well at the draft camps you never know. Either way he should get picked up as a free-agent and get a tryout somewhere.
The Packers were essentially eliminated from the division tonight. The Vikings have to at least split their next two (@ Pats, @ Seahawks) continue to have a reasonable shot.

The Bears will be heavily favored against the Giants next week and then probably have their toughest game left on the schedule against the Rams. If they take care of business against the Giants and then pull the upset against the Rams, the division will be all over for all intents and purposes.
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I think McLaughlin has a future. Hope Iron Mike is doing well.

Speaking of Bears running game: a big part of it, Mitchell, didn't play.

And to all who doubt the Bears are for real, I say, to quote John Cleese in "Monty Python & Holy Grail": "I fart in your general direction." Dan: don't ban me, please. It's a legit quote from a movie. Vulgar, but funny. . Thanks.
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