Bears / NFL Thread 2018-2019

Rather disappointing loss but not entirely a surprise given that Trubisky didn't play today and it was a bit of a trap game with the Rams coming to Chicago next week.

Though to be fair, the guys didn't give up on Chase Daniel even down 10. Turning point of this game was probably Nagy calling the TO late in the 1st half when the Giants would have likely been content to go to the locker room.
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I’m interested to see how the Packers play this out. Do you go all in to try and win another Super Bowl before Rodgers is done? Or blow it up and go for a true rebuild?
Considering a big reason for his firing was the breakdown in relationship between him and Rodgers, and they just extended Rodgers for a ton of money, I’m betting they’re going to try to rebuild around Rodgers.
With the lack of third down conversions and number sacks given up (to a team that was 30-something in sacks coming into the game) you really got a good picture of how much Trubisky covers for some shaky line play.

How many times this year have the Bears completely dominated the first half in every respect except the scoreboard? Seems like it’s every other game. It’s bitten them in the butt in three of their four losses.

The Bears defense gave up a lot of yards and points to a real bad Giants offense. Yes the Bears offense put the defense in bad shape a bunch, but still, they let the Giants stay on the field way too often. With Trubisky out, they knew the defense would have to make some plays to win, and they didn’t do it.

It sucks because if Trubisky were playing, the Bears would have won by 17. Didn’t hurt them in the division but probably killed any chance of a first round bye.