Bears / NFL Thread 2019-2020

I just stumbled upon a string of Reddit comments that put to words exactly what I feel watching Nagy coach the Trubisky offense.
He abandoned the run after Montgomery got 1 carry for 2 yards and Tarik Cohen got 3 for 10 yards.

Dude's just not a good coach.
He's pretty much me when I started playing Madden.
Nailed it.
Geneseo, IL
If things don't turn around soon the Bears are going to have to face some sobering realizations. It's looking more and more like a given that drafting Trubisky was a huge mistake. Nagy may not be a very good coach as well. The offensive line has fallen apart, and the offensive pieces that Pace added the last couple of years either aren't worth a damn or just aren't contributing at this time, other than Robinson. The Super Bowl window may have been last season. Ten games left to somehow right this ship.