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This shows 12 b10 teams in....illini are #9 of 12 b10 teams according to estimated seedings...illini 8th seed
Keep in mind not all brackets are up to date. They are in order at the top by most recent update. We will be due for a big bump once all the brackets are updated. Probably a 6, maybe even a 5.
As much as its annoying to see brackets not giving us our due respect, the most important thing is to get in the tourney and get a good draw. I'd rather demonstrate how a school is overrated by beating them in the tourney versus have much hype and not live up to it.
As of this posting, has us in all 79 brackets. Our average seed is 7.2, but if you look only at the most up to date brackets, we're about a whole point better.
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I would be very happy with a six seed. Wouldn't turn down higher, of course, but six is a good place to be if you can't have a protected seed.
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