Chicago White Sox 2019

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Given our recent lack of success developing position players, I wanted them to take the most ML ready player. He's definitely that.
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White Sox are 1-6 when playing games one game below .500 with that one win being the 2nd game of the season.
While I don't think the patchwork starting pitching will ultimately be enough to contend, this team is sooo much more more fun to watch this year. Eloy's AB's are pretty much drop what you're doing, must watch TV at this point. The rebuild seems to be mostly on schedule despite all the injuries. The Vaughn pick looks like a no-brainer, even factoring in the glut of 1B/DH types in the system.

It's nice to have hope for the future of Illini hoops and the Sox again. We've been wandering the desert for far too long.
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I can't believe we're .500. There's so many gaping holes in the lineup but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Yeah, but the talent level is really increasing exponentially. When you start plugging holes, one by one, you eventually get a talented team. It won't be too long now.
Stick to the process...stick to the process...stick to the process. Love the way you can see this coming together. If we had a healthy Rodon and Kopech and Cease up after the break, this would be a legit WC threat.
I think the correlation between the 2014 Cubs and 2019 Sox is really strong. Sox will be competing next year and might even be favorites in the division, especially with the Indians seemingly on the down swing and the Twins looking awfully like a half-season fluke.

(Seriously, the Twins are on a 109-win pace... even in their weak division, does anybody really think they're that good? Basically everyone in their starting lineup is having a career year. There's gotta be some regression back to career averages on the way this year.)
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Even if the Twins are this good for the year, they are doing it with a lot of veteran bats plugging holes from the past few seasons, and guys having a career year. That is somewhat similar to what we did in 05. This version of the Twins is not a long term roster we need to fear for the years to come.
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Our luck has conditioned me to hold my breath for every pitch. Please don't die, Dylan.
lol/not funny!

The rash of injuries continues to be unheard of:

- Rodon (TJS)
- Kopech (TJS)
- Dunning (TJS)
- Lambert (TJS)
- Adolfo (out for year)
- Hamilton (out for year)
- Burger (still hasn't come back from Achilles)
- And Basable, Burdi, and Tyler Johnson are just starting the process back from injury
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I'll take that! The final line looks positively Reynaldo, but once he settled down he showed a very formidable 3 pitch mix. I was unaware the changeup was that dirty.