Chicago White Sox 2019

Solid moves so far. Questions remaining...In house closer or Colome or upgrade? Crochet? In house DH? I s Vaughn truly ready? Could these allow McCAnn to return possibly, perhaps Grandal doesn't mind sharing time and dh'ing a bit? Catching is so physically demanding. It does appear James wants to be number 1 guy somwhere.
The Villages, FL
I feel like we need a DH and another starter still. At that point anything else would be gravy. We are right on the cusp here. Maybe one of the starters will pan out like we though they would.
I don't think we really need another starter. Once you factor Kopech into the equation, you have 4 solid starters. If Crochet is ready to start, they may have the best staff in baseball right now. Yeah, I know they're young, but throw them out there this year and let them get their experience sooner rather than later. By 2022, you've got the makings of a dynasty.