Chicago White Sox 2019

The Sox 2020 season is over. Battled to the bitter end. Normally lights out bullpen couldn't find the strike zone today.

Crochet left due to dreaded left forearm tightness. I think we can all guess what's coming next unfortunately.

Future is still shining bright. Need another capable starter, right fielder and most importantly, a new manager.
That one stings. Crochet getting hurt was really bad luck. He was supposed to go 2 more innings. Ricky pretty much lost his mind and went into panic mode after that. Still, too many walks, too many left on base in scoring position...ugh.
This is hopefully just the beginning for this core group, but can’t help but feel we let one slip away today.
As a non-Sox fan, this surprises me. I thought he did a really nice job with that team.

He did. But Ricky has shown that he's a good guy to help develop a rebuilding team but when you have a good team, his managerial deficiencies are exposed. Some of the names I've heard Chicago sports talk mention as replacements include A.J. Hinch, Alex Cora, and Sandy Alomar Jr.
He did. But Ricky has shown that he's a good guy to help develop a rebuilding team but when you have a good team, his managerial deficiencies are exposed. Some of the names I've heard Chicago sports talk mention as replacements include A.J. Hinch, Alex Cora, and Sandy Alomar Jr.

I guess with Hinch and Cora, the question is whether you want to be the first team to give them another shot after their suspensions. Hinch in particular, I think, is a great manager.

Alomar is probably overdue for a manager position. His work as acting manager for the Indians this year in a next to impossible situation has to get him hired someplace. Very deserving and I think he’ll be excellent. ETA - I think there’s a really high probability that Francona steps away and Alomar replaces him permanently.
Color me stunned. I didn’t think they’d actually do it. Wow.

Ricky is a good clubhouse guy but his game management and decision making leave a lot to be desired, to say the least. It was time for him and Coop to go.

There’s a report now saying the Sox intend to reach out to 76 year old Tony La Russa to be the next manager. That can’t be serious, can it?
Sandy Alomar would be awesome...Hinch, LaRussa, Cora next faves for me. I didn't realize Sandy was just acting/interim which would make it double special. Only thing better would be if it was the Twinks...hey Gardenhire winning WS with Chi Sox would be OK haha... Alomar, Hinch, Cora , Larussa would be my ranking as long as we get another chance...let's take it Chicago great place for 2nd chances... Kopech and Crochet back next season...this is the window....
I didn't realize Coop had been there since the Jerry Manuel era.

As far as the La Russa story, that's just clickbait from Bob Nightengale.

Coop’s actually been with the Sox since ‘88. He was a minor league pitching before his promotion in 2002.

Yeah I’d like to believe the La Russa thing is just them checking in with an old friend of Jerry’s. But you never know with the Sox.
The La Russa report wasn’t a smokescreen. It’s officially a serious thing. 76 year old Tony La Russa is the next White Sox manager.

100% a Reinsdorf hire. No question about it.
General consensus from Sox fans is that this is a negative? Genuinely curious. Being as unbiased as possible here, seems like they could've done much worse, regardless of his age. He obviously wont be there for more than a decade (and that's really stretching it), I dont know how much influence he'll have on the team, but I doubt it'll be negative.

Not by any means saying this is a home run hire, but still doesnt seem so bad to me.
As a Cubs fan, allow me to be the first to say... "weird."

Ricky Renteria has to be saying, "Really? Joe Maddon, that I understood, but this..."

Personally, I tend to think that the baseball manager is the head coach that has the least to do with a team winning of the four major sports. But for a team that is set up to be as good as the Sox are set up to be next year, I'm not sure why you'd go with such an unconventional choice.
I like this hire. TLR is a baseball man who knows the game through and through. People act like he hasn’t been around the game since he retired, that is false or that he was a young man when he left but now can’t relate. The young Sox will learn discipline and how to play the right way and they will learn to hate to lose. So what the young guys might have to button up a couple more buttons on their jersey or TA can’t throw his bat across the field after a bomb. TLR probably will butt heads with the youngsters and media, he will drive you nuts with tinkering, but the man knows baseball. The Sox will not be out managed by anyone, maybe over managed from time to time. The Sox now have the best team and manager in Chicago.
This move makes no sense. He doesn't fit with the players in that locker room at all. If I'm Rick Hahn, I'm turning in my resignation papers tomorrow.

He looked totally defeated in the presser today. Honestly can't say I blame him. He busted his behind wheeling, dealing and rebuilding the roster to get the Sox in position to contend, finally has the opportunity to bring in his guy that he feels can take them to the next level...only to have Jerry step in and take the decision out of his hands all because he has to satisfy his need to make amends for La Russa's firing back in '86.

I do agree that Hahn should resign and get the hell away from this franchise. They don't deserve him.
I hope we do not lose Hahn, the Cora Hinch might have had a bit to do with LaRussa hire but he isn't squeeky clean ala Roid rage McGwire etc. I was totally against LaRussa hire, but the more I hear complaints the more I warm up. Long time Sox fan so have suffered being talked down too etc, crazy ideas...but always entertaining.
More interesting times ahead and hopefully an ultra competitive winning team. Hopefully no more crazy bullpen decisions. Key will be coaching staff I feel.
Oh boy

They knew about this and STILL hired him. This hire gets more and more embarrassing. Jerry Reinsdorf is a joke.
LaRussa always was known as a "bad" guy. Dissapointed in DUI in February. Odd they waited so long to charge him. I put this third in his bad guy rep although being his second carries more weight.
Sox get Lance Lynn for Dane Dunning and another pitching prospect.

Sad to see Dunning go. the kid stepped up big time in some spots but the Sox are clearly going for it.

Lynn also played for TLR in 2011, so there's that connection.
Adam Eaton is back on the Southside

1 yr/7 mil

The Sox essentially traded Eaton for Giolito and Lynn and now he’s back.
I'm ok with this. As long as he can hit better than Mazara I think we will be fine there. We need a great DH and get some more pitching (bullpen for sure) and I think we are set up to be REALLY good.