Eastern Michigan 34, Illinois 31 POSTGAME

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Winning five games is no longer a reason to keep Lovie. You only keep him if you go 3-0 in the non-con, then win 2 conference games and are competitive in the other losses.

THAT was the only way 5-7 was a possibility for retainment.

Now that Lovie lost, it is a bowl or fire in my eyes.

Good luck Lovie/team.
I've been giving Lovie as much of a chance as any, and I think you're right. That was probably the only way to go 5-7 and keep him. They really better fix the critical flaws and go bowling for Lovie to stay. None of this should take away from what Easterner Michigan did today. They earned that W. My only plus currently is the fight felt like it was there at the end, but where is the same fight to not make so many stupid penalties? We didn't leave much of our own foot left with how many times we shot ourselves.
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Loss is on the Smiths. Defense sucked and Offense was terrible with no adjustments. Jeff Monken please
There was a lot of ticky-tack called, but the amount of penalties against us week in and week out is killing us. I was amazed that none of the plays on our last drive were called back. This has been a problem of ours for several years now, and the fact that this staff hasn't fixed that after repeatedly claiming that it would be addressed is a huge concern.

On the bright side, if Purdue can lose to EMU and salvage a bowl from that season, then so can we.
No pressure on their QB to speak of, secondary not good. Tie game and 1:44 on clock and D can't come close to putting up a fight. I thought R Smith should have run more, too. I know Peter's isn't very mobile, but he was also under pressure from 2nd quarter on., although some throws were way off and he seems to slow on reads at times.
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That was a craptacular game, but waiting to see the position we are in after the next 2 games. If both are losses, then...........
We paid about $100M to lose to Eastern Michigan at home. That is not a good ROI
Hard not to blame rod smith for the offense doing nothing for 2 1/2 quarters. Not sure what lovie could do. When he blitzed our man coverage couldn’t hold up and when they played zone the line got now pressure
That lousy, sick feeling in my stomach again this season; the situation looks hopeless.

I rationalize that it's only a game and there are much more important things going on in this state and the world, but I'd like to fly my Illini flags, pennants, wear shirts with pride. It would be nice to have a decent football program, something to cheer about.

And what stinkin', rinky-dink uniforms, I think, but they'd be all right if we had a winning team.
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Hard not to blame rod smith for the offense doing nothing for 2 1/2 quarters. Not sure what lovie could do. When he blitzed our man coverage couldn’t hold up and when they played zone the line got now pressure
Blame Brandon Peters for not being able to throw the ball. Lovie’s defense also gave up 34 points to Eastern Michigan...
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The TV announcers nailed it when they said that Illinois wasn’t disciplined enough to sustain drives on offense. It’s either big hit or nothing.

And I know the secondary and d-line were beat up, but that’s a MAC team they were playing...

Not the final nail in Lovie’s coffin, but very close to it.

They’ll be playing to salvage the season against Nebraska.
1) Terrible game plan and in game adjustments from the offense. I don’t give a crap if Peters got lucky at the end to tie it. He needed to sit after getting walloped in the 2nd quarter.

2) Refs were once again horrible. Everyone can talk about discipline (there were a few really dumb plays) but the hold on Lowe was ridiculous. Apparently, EMU didn’t hold the entire game. Seems impossible...

3) Lovie’s defense is horrendous. Blah, blah, blah, we don’t have the players, etc. Make a change!

4) Lovie has no clue on clock management. EMU’s last drive was abysmal. The defense wasn’t set and look confused. They were running tempo on us and he refused to call a time out. What was he saving them for?

5) Get IW ready to play now. He is the only chance they have to somehow play above their potential. They need a spark, a leader with the will to win. They need some freaking INTENSITY! Lovie’s calm laid back mentality isn’t working

6) This loss completely destroys any chance we had at several high end recruits that are still on the board. We may even lose quite a few.
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With a healthy Sinderella, Purdue may pass for 1000 yards against us. Only partly joking.
After today, I think this is a 3-win season.... tops Something is wrong here.
Typical overreaction to a loss.... I'm sure they'll be a hundred. Yes, this was very poor play at times, but not ready to write off the season nor do a 180 on our trajectory.
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The university isn't an embarrassment (well, 'cept for the usual academic political idiocy). The university is excellent, and I've ridden that for more than 30 years now. The football program, however, is an unmitigated embarrassment.
This morning I showed my 15-year old daughter (who's in marching band in her high school) YouTube footage of the Marching Illini (Iowa game last November) and Ohio State's marching band (I grew up in Columbus.) I explained why I thought the Marching Illini were the superior band, and John Philip Sousa's characterization of them in the 1920s as the greatest marching band in America.

And then I explained why, while Ohio Stadium was full for a game against lowly Indiana, at the Illinois game there were few people in the stands, while when I was an undergrad the team drew 70-75k per home game.

Very sad.
Sports are meant to be a positive diversion for me, and the Illini haven't been that in far too long. Nobody on this board can be called a fair weather fan. But I have enough crap in my life to invest time in more pain and agony. I'll be back when they have good news.

Dear Josh: Fix football, or cut it!
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