Game Thread: Illinois at Minnesota

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Thank you. If we wait a year to get rid of Lovie and his crew the talent will be far worse. That's why we need to make a move now.
Yep. The only thing that they do great is cause turnovers. If I could choose between giving up 600+ yards with 3 turnovers or only giving up 300 yards or less and no turnovers I would take the latter all day long! I do think this D would be better with Roundtree, Adams, and Beason. It also sucks that a top talent like Calvin Avery cant put down the fried chicken and pizza and get in shape.
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Bottom line...this team has not improved, whatever the reasons. Wisconsin will not have to pass the ball to beat us. They can even tell us what play is coming. Guess, reluctantly, it is time for another change. No reason for me to keep going to the games. It is no fun being drilled every week.
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What trick play will we see?
The last three years it seemed our players were just smaller than the players on the other team. I attributed this to the fact we were playing mostly underclassmen. But 3 years later our players still seems smaller than those on the Minnesota team.
Isn’t the clock management at end of first half emblematic of the poor coaching ability of this bunch? That can’t get the obvious stuff right. Sadly it’s gotta be another change.
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4th down, FG basically kills us. Fleck- sheet we can get 1 yard easy

That's what everyone thinks of your defense Lovie
Milan only guy on dl making plays....not sure who hit Tanner's arm...another play...the defensive line just getting rolled and the linebackers safeties and corners too
Lovie’s always hung his ego on being a defensive guy. Now after his run in chicago it turns out he’s just the recipient of a top tier defensive unit that would succeed no matter what the scheme. Lovie will go out at the knees of his hubris.
He never evolved or adapted hos scheme to the ever evolving offensive thrust, and that will be his legacy.
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Our players would learn more about how to defend RPO by reading “Craig Has The Scout” on Illiniboard than they learn at practice.

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Bonner has his shoelace touched...down. Meanwhile our defense.....
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Can we please have a bus malfunction driving to play Wisconsin allowing us to forfeit?
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I don't know why everyone is attacking Lovie. The real culprit is that guy who was our coach 5 years ago.

Just joking, but people were playing that card as recently as a couple months ago.
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