Game Thread: Illinois at Purdue

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Tyngsborough, MA
Nice drive and field goal.
Now let's get Peters to stopping going head first.
Lost a bit of steam on that drive, but it was a decent sustained drive. Plus, I’ll take the three points. Let’s hope the extra rest for the defense runs into a TO.
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Why can we not hold an edge on our D?
Oswego, IL
Won the 1st quarter.

This game is there to be had. Play sound defense, keep running Dre, and throw in a couple of play actions to keep the defense honest.
If you’re putting together a list of our best 3 players and Jamal Milan isn’t on it, it needs a revision.

What a big time kid.
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Is that gonna stand as called?

In all my years watching this game, I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a punt hit the pylon like that. That’s definitely at the 1, right?
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