Game Thread: Illinois at Purdue

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Now let's get Peters to stopping going head first.
Lost a bit of steam on that drive, but it was a decent sustained drive. Plus, I’ll take the three points. Let’s hope the extra rest for the defense runs into a TO.
Won the 1st quarter.

This game is there to be had. Play sound defense, keep running Dre, and throw in a couple of play actions to keep the defense honest.
Please Illini... no 12 yard dump pass over the middle with a LB playing 6 yards too deep...
If you’re putting together a list of our best 3 players and Jamal Milan isn’t on it, it needs a revision.

What a big time kid.
Is that gonna stand as called?

In all my years watching this game, I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a punt hit the pylon like that. That’s definitely at the 1, right?
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