Game Thread: Illinois vs Akron

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Richmond, VA
At work with an ear bud in taking in pregame, so pumped to get this season going!

Akron is bad. Still think they score some though. 42-27 UI. First of 4 wins, 5 if some breaks go our way during the year.
Oswego, IL
First tangible progress today, 41-14 Illinois in a game that's never close.

First step in a 7-6 season with a bowl win. It's good to have football back.

Deleted member 645583

Not a great turnout by Illini fans by the empty seats on BTN. Labor Day have something to do with it? Don't think so. Apathy?

Still, go ILLINI! Illinois 44, Akron Zip!

Go Dre!
Tyngsborough, MA
Offense looks good.

.4 percent is still in it kids
Went to Palcho and Petibone side to get that score
Anyone else (outside the B1G footprint) having trouble with the audio link? I'm getting nothing.
Tyngsborough, MA
Defense is???
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