Illini Bars

Springfield, IL
Oof, this is a rough take.

Illini Inn (original) or bust for me. Not that you would ever have taken a recruit there. :LOL:
To each there own - I liked the multiple floors/levels of clybournes - but I spent quite a bit of time at Joes/KAMS myself
Winged Warrior
Ahhhhhh..Illini Inn memory lane. Sneaking mini's into the club hockey in our cargo pants pockets. Add to coke. Get hammered and harass the opponents two feet under us. Get booted. Walk to the Inn!!

I drank ( the wall ) somewhere and got a tshirt, can't for the life of me remember the bar. Any help? Lol.
I remember my little brother came to Champaign for a visit. He and my pledge son each drank the wall that night at O’Malley’s. I was proud of my brother for not puking like my pledge son did. Miss those days that ended with hearing American Pie....