Illini Bars

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I was a Mabel's, Murphy, and Illini Inn kind of guy with some White Horse Inn thrown in along with Deluxe for a fish sandwich on Friday
Murph's mega cheeseburger with mushrooms... mmmmm. Oh the memories. Not a great place to pick anyone up but I loved that greasy spoon pub food.
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This thread off the rails like.....

If it helps get this thread back on the tracks, I would like to formally announce my commitment to Illinois. I was not recruited heavily (or at all) but I look forward to the opportunity of joining some players I have nothing in common with. I do bring some high BB IQ, some solid outside shooting (when unguarded), and stellar defensive presence (not performance). I hope to add some veteran leadership to this team. Can someone inform the coaches of my decision since I don’t have their contact info?
Ugh, sleazy college bars are the absolute worst. Which are the five sleaziest, in ranked order, so I can be sure to avoid them?

Asking for a friend.
The amazing thing is that I went down to UIUC a couple years ago and wondered what Kams looked like. It was EXACTLY the same as it was in the early 80s. It was just more beat up...Same speakers.....same bathroom fixtures.....just 35+ more years of wear. It even smelled exactly the same as the day I left campus. It reeked of stale beer and puke.
Little Kings night.....3/$1.25. I remember when we broke the record for cases served in a night....beating a bar at tOSU which was 650 cases. I think Cochran’s served over 1000 cases. Many brain cells ago...

And bucket night at Cochranes so we could kick the bucket all the way home. Also the augie and doggie night with wide mouth augsburg with a hot dog for a buck. This was our fine dining in 1978.
Fish sandwiches at Deluxe at 9am before an 11am football game. They used the same grease from the night before. They also had the only snooker table in town. Good times...
Our dorm floor set a record for Abe's garbage trucks, a fully loaded hotdog. I think it was around 150. The garbage pile was a truck with chile added.
Who had a bucket nite next to Timpones, I think on Goodwin? That was the 1st place I got into underage, lol. Also asking for a friend.
This thread is getting really annoying... make one about bars and get off this one please! Be considerate of the people who choose the recruiting thread to discuss the new recruiting news.
I understand, now get off my yard.;)
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When I was there it changed from Cochrane's to Orchid to Tonic. Wright and Green. It was the most "city kid" bar on campus.
"City kid"??? Ha, I was from small town central Illinois and hung out there all the time. Maybe that's why I liked it.

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Whitt's End as an undergrad. Murphy's as a grad, except in the summer when Boni's had 25 cent beers.
I still carry my Illini Inn Mug Club Card in my wallet. Haven't set foot in C-U in 12 years.

I still have mine as well. I went to the new Illini Inn back in November and was very disappointed since it has none of the charm of the original. It's just a generic college bar trying to capitalize on fond memories.

I will say funny story I forgot my card number when I went to get my card back when trying to leave but it was easy to find in the pile of other cards because it was a completely different color from the new ones.

To make this post about recruiting anybody that is going to be an upgrade in terms of length/athleticism is someone we want because that still seems to be what we are lacking.
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No mention of Joe's in here?! Many fond memories of the Joe's dance floor and owning people on the pool tables. Murphy's, R&RS, and later Firehaus we're my other favorite campus haunts. I do remember Cochran's, Orchid, Tonic, and White Horse fondly, as well.
Used to make the ice cream drinks at Eddie's, then sneak up the back stairs of Mabel's to catch the band's last set (or at least a song or two). What was the bar called across from Katsinas? Used to see Pork and the Havana Ducks there.