Illinois 78, Maryland 67 POSTGAME

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Big kudos to Coach Underwood and the rest of the staff for the defensive schemes today and offensive side as well. I lot of fans had given up on Underwood, but a game like this along with recent success in recruiting shows that he could really build something at Illinois. But it's not easy to be patient during the turnaround process.
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A few observations:
1. Tevian's three point shooting was a key to victory.
2. Our free throw shooting also was a key to victory.
3. Overall hustle was outstanding. Jordan's rebounding and Trent's defense were exemplary.
Just a great TEAM win.
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So, I watched the game and was celebrating the win when I turned my computer on to celebrate here with the fanatics and my cpu was like it couldn't believe the Illini won
I had to do a system repair and system restore but finally got here ....




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By the way I think both Illinois and Maryland will be at the front of the line saying I don’t want to give up anymore home Big Ten games!!!
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Flew down to NOLA for the weekend and was very pleasantly surprised when, while ordering a Huge A$$ Beer, I saw the final score on ESPN. They've shown this kind of potential multiple times this year. Let's hope this win signals the turning of the proverbial corner.
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We had some really nice answers to multiple Maryland surges.
AJ's offensive rebounds really provided a spark
Feliz hitting a runner after Fernado's monster in-bounds dunk was critical
TFs great defense at the end - steals, feed to Ayo
And of course couldn't be happier for Tev - he looked completely comfortable out there and wanted the spotlight (at MSG for crying out loud!).

PS and Way to go Adonis - keeping Fernando from bulling his way to the basket!

PSS - and congrats to BU for switching up the defense. The zone got out to the three point line shooters so much better.

PSSS - Turgeon - you're a knucklehead - watch the tape and the apologize to your team.
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Tevian looked terrific today. I loved his dunk off the feed from Aaron Jordan in the second half.

For those of us who can still remember the seventies…

Basketball Jones, I got a Basketball Jones
Got a Basketball Jones, oh baby, oo-oo-ooo

Cue Charles Barkley
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Doncha hate it when a kid comes out of nowhere and scores a bunch of points on the beloved (seems to happen frequently).

Well, today we turned the tables on MD with TJ. I'm sure that is what they are saying to themselves.

Great win. Wasn't able to watch live (9 am start on the West Coast). Can't wait to watch my recording.
I loved De La Rosa defense in the game, but with that being said I think if anybody throws him the ball on offense they should be suspended LMAO
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Just when I had given up hope for this season...

Great game. Excited to see Tevian Jones not only get minutes but, really make a difference. Great to see him making the 3’s but, also impressive how quickly he gets it off. That back door dunk on the feed from Jordan was great too.

A lot of credit to go around in this one especially from the bench. Feliz was strong today and Delarosa had a solid effort too. I thought Ayo, Frazier, Jordan and Giorgi had solid games also.

This game did a lot to help regain my confidence that Underwood can be the guy to turn this around. That confidence has been severely waning as this season has gone along.
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This being Illinois, I can see Tevian having a complete breakout; averaging 18 and 6 from here on out.

This being Illinois, I can see Tevian being chosen right after Ayo in the first round of the NBA draft.

I jest, but it would be a completely Illinois thing to do.
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