Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

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Early Signing Period: Dec. 18th-20th
Regular Signing Period begins Feb. 5th

2020 Illini Football Signees

1) LB Lavar Gardner (Committed on Nov. 21st, signed on Dec. 18th)
2) OL Phifer Griffin (Committed on July 21st, signed on Dec. 18th)
3) OL Blaise Sparks (Committed on July 31st, signed on Dec. 18th)
4) OL Kevin Tyler (Committed on July 28th, signed on Dec. 18th)
5) RB Reggie Love (Committed on April 7th, signed on Dec. 18th)
6) WR James Frenchie (Committed on Aug. 24th, signed on Dec. 18th)
7) DL Anthony Shipton (Committed on Dec. 8th, signed on Dec. 18th)
8) DL Cooper Davis (Committed on Dec. 11th, signed on Dec. 18th)
9) DL Tre'von Riggins (Committed on Dec. 15th, signed on Dec. 18th)
10) QB Deuce Spann (Committed on Dec. 13th, signed on Dec. 18th)
11) DL Jerzhan Newton (Committed & singed on Dec. 18th)
12) DT Quinton McCoy (Committed on June 10th, signed on Dec. 18th)

2020 Illini Football Commits

WR Jadon Thompson (April 8th, 2019)

2021 Illini Football Commits

QB Samari Collier (December 7th, 2019)
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All I want for Christmas is my NLI signed, my NLI signed, my NLI signed
All I want for Christmas is my NLI signed
By all those committed to the Orange and Blue!

Put your seat belts on cause
Here we go!
Anyone of the new signees coming to school during the Spring semester? Welcome to all the new guys that have signed to this point.
Well we know Frenchie and Reggie will not be coming early. Trinity doesn't allow that
Mizzou may be in rough shape. None of their recruits have signed at this point if their 247 is accurate.
It’s inaccurate. It’s up to the individual site manager for each school. Don’t know if Mizzou even has a strong 247 presence. Twitter confirms they’ve had signings
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Any word on the Missouri recruits we were trying to flip? Particularly St. John and esl billingsly. What’s happening with Denver warren and Luann Powell of esl?
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