Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (April 2020)

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From the article:


Not saying that his coach is wrong, but that was pretty funny to me.
Some of the shots were from near the three point line and others were closer to the three point line on the opposite end of the court... that's scoring from any range.

I'll give him the technically correct rating.
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Do you pronounce Jaden's name shut or shoot?
Who is the first one that is going to say he has Larry Bird skills!
Bird is too far back. He's more of a Steph Currie :p

I say this as someone who doesn't trust highlight videos; there's a ton to like in that stroke. I can't 'imagine what it's like for some of those freshman kids to go up against a 6'5" shooter with that kind of range. I didn't get close to my current height until well into my junior year, and my shot still needs work!
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