Illinois Hoops Recruiting Thread (April 2020)

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Like I said, it's very, very clear where Adam is playing next year!
Extremely clear
Interesting that neither IU nor Purdue offered. Especially considering his dad played football at IU. I don’t see how you don’t offer a top 100 in-state kid, but I’ll take it.

Purdue was a scholarship issue. Weren’t going to have a ride.

IU felt that they couldn’t take on another guard/wing at this point. They’ve got Lander already for 2021 plus Leal, Galloway, Franklin, Geronimo, and Hunter. Wasn’t going to be minutes.
Who do we really need to prioritize next in the class of 2021? Micawber Etienne?
They need a big in the pipeline. Rumors are flying about this year being the best year ever to jump class due to the uncertainty of finishing the school year. That uncertainty might lessen the requirements for ACT, SAT, & GPA in order to enroll in college. Its still early. Stay posted.
Excited about Goode. Excited about our future. Seem to be recruiting skilled, high IQ players in Goode, Curbelo, and Hawkins. Would love to get some more athletic ability and rebounding, but going to be very skilled.
Decatur, IL
Curbelo gonna have Goode and Hawkins to kick it out to. If we can land Okoro he will have a nice big to throw lobs to as well. Id bet he is pretty happy right now.
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