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The article is OK, talking about Thomas and Smith. But at the very end it mentions that Brown will not practice until the summer, even though he is a full time student. I'm guessing that pretty much confirms that it is something to do with academics. And the fact that they put a hard timeline on it makes me feel pretty confident that it might be some sort of technicality that they know will be cleared up by summer.
I didn't even know Valpo had a football team.
Div I - FCS Valparaiso beat Dayton 8 - 7
Div I - FCS Dayton beat SE Missouri St 25 - 23
Div I - FCS SE Missouri St beat Tennessee Tech 31 - 3
Div I - FCS Tennessee Tech beat Tennessee St 30 - 26
Div I - FCS Tennessee St beat Georgia St 17 - 10
Div I - FBS Georgia St beat ULM 47 - 37
Div I - FBS ULM beat Appalachian St 52 - 45
Div I - FBS Appalachian St beat Toledo 34 - 0
Div I - FBS Toledo beat E Michigan 20 - 15
Div I - FBS E Michigan beat Rutgers 16 - 13
Div I - FBS Rutgers beat Illinois 35 - 24
Illini add grad-transfer QB A.J. Bush

Bush gives Illinois veteran depth at a position that has very little experience. He will compete for the starting job with sophomore Cam Thomas -- the lone scholarship quarterback on the spring roster -- and incoming freshmen MJ Rivers, Coran Taylor and Matthew Robinson.

"My mindset is the same mindset I've had at any other school: just come in and compete," Bush said. "Nothing's given to you. You have to earn it. Nothing's guaranteed, especially at this level. You just have to come in and relish the opportunity to compete. That's what I'm going to do."

A.J. Bush highlights. Big frame with good speed. Arm looks decent as well

I see a lot of Juice Williams here, honestly. Except he's a lefty and about 2-3 inches taller. Their games look very similar - single read, quick passes, decent agility, some broken tackles, not a ton of top end speed but good enough for the QB position. If we can get any one of Juice's sophomore through senior seasons' stats out of Bush next year, I'll be more than happy.
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