Miami 81, Illinois 79 POSTGAME

Nice comeback, but really no excuse for letting this team get up 27 points. Tourney chances just went down. Maryland and Michigan are going to torch us if we give this kind of effort against them. It’s all up hill from here. Very disappointing tonight.
Stinks that Illinois got outplayed in the first half. Miami isn't nearly as talented. Illinois played tough when the game seemed over...almost got it. Our fans, just horrible. I gotta stay off this board.
Great comeback. HORRIBLE LOSS.
Horrible Loss, should not have needed a near 27 point comeback against a barely 500 team. I predicted this game would give us more problems than Maryland...we will see if we get down 27 to them?
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Came out more flat and unprepared than the football team. Still can't guard or keep anyone in front of them on D, though Lykes hit some ridiculously contested shots. It's year 3 of the Underwood era and this issue is still rearing it's ugly head.

Need to start beating the decent competition on our schedule.