Missouri 63, Illinois 56 POSTGAME

Stylin' and Profilin'
Bring on North Carolina A&T!!! I dare ya!!!
Oswego, IL
Forget this team, you want to make a point? Beat them. Don't get upset over a worthless dunk. Get off the floor and go home.
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Did we even practice for this game? Tilmon doesn't hardly play, Smith doesn't score and we get rolled. Appers that if Kofi isn't dominant we can't score. Got outrebounded, and Mizzou was far tougher.
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Winged Warrior
I would say we deserve a fan holding up our version of a MIZNOZ sign....but..... my top notch Illinois public school vocabulary skills tell me it would still read ILL INI.

Someone cofirm......we can't even clown sign our own name?
out of conference was a disaster