NCAA Tournament Canceled

I would say the #1 seed crushes the field but with injuries to all major sports that really hurts their chances.
So here's something pretty cool. CBS and Turner Sports are going to pay all the technicians and utilities workers, including freelancers, who were set to work March Madness this season:

This includes not only those who were going to cover the NCAA Tournament and Final Four but also the D-II and D-III National Championship Games.
Bonnaroo Land
I've been wrong before. Once...back before the war.....but even though Vacuum sucks.....they eliminate Dust.

They played earlier in the season...same conference.

Going for the season....... sweep.

My inner voice read it in his voice. Thank you for the amusement.
Reminder to cancel your Sports Package, if you paid extra during the football/basketball season (mainly applies to those outside of B1G region).
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