NCAA Tournament Canceled

We will be back next year!! Going to be even better and have much more depth. This opens the door for Ayo to come back a little bit more. It will depend on what scouts say. Regardless, we are in a good place and will have a preseason top 25 ranking.
Also on a side note, what if they give athletes another year of eligibility. Will not probably happen, but something to think abt.


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The logistics of trying to ensure that every person involved in every game was virus free going in to it would have been daunting. The optics if someone got sick and then spread the virus in their community would have been terrible.

I hate this as a fan, I hate it for the players, coaches, and staff, but it's the right thing to do. Life can and will go on without sports for a month or so. I'm not sure how, but I'll be trying to figure that out over the weekend. Something tells me that my "honey-do" list is going to get dusted off.
selfishly devastated here.

Thank you Illinois Basketball for a great year. You provided me with hope and excitement throughout this season. I will hold some incredible memories from this past season. I haven’t begun to even think about what lies ahead. Wasn’t ready for this. Most importantly, I wish all of the team luck going forward. The amount of disappointment I feel that Andres, Kipper, Tyler, and Samson will never play for the Illini again is almost inexplicable. Thank you. All of you.

Go Illini
So few are being tested that they cannot guarantee the players’ safety. If this was golf and the players could be kept separate, playing could be considered. This is not the case here when using a common ball, bench/chairs, water bottles, rim, backboard, etc.