NFL Thread 2020-2021

I was disappointed in the defense. They are supposed to be dominant. It looked like the Bears could run a bit too.
The secondary looked as good as they possibly could considering the front seven got virtually no pass rush against Stafford. While it would have helped to have Quinn in there, they still have enough talent back there that they shoudl be able to get some sort of push out there.

Bears did run pretty well. I believe it was about 27 rushes, which was an amount they only got to 4 times all of last year. Time will tell to see if Nagy sticks with it. At the very least, he was doing runs more to the skills of the backs. For example, he used outside zone runs when Patterson had the ball.
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This quote from Dan Bernstein's column on the Score's website on the Bears game pretty well sums up how that game yesterday went:

The Bears didn't just stare into the abyss, they went down there for a while and hung out. Stopped, sat down, had a snack, looked around and then decided to let Matt Patricia and the Lions throw them a stepladder.
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Really disappointed in the defense. They will see better running backs than 80 year old Adrian Barkley this Sunday. The loss of Eddie Goldman to clog the middle is already damaging. Hopefully Quinn should provide some help.

Trevathan got abused all game long. He blew the coverage on the Swift dropped game winning TD pass. Had they lost, he would have been the goat.

Lucky as it was, I’ll take the win and finally winning the opener for the first time since 2013
In case you didn't see the game last night, the Giants' O-line is awful. Granted the Steelers front 7 is pretty good but the Giants O-line still got pushed around.
I only caught a bit of it as I was watching the Sox give me a heart attack. Hope the Bears can push them around too then.

I do have Juju on my fantasy squad and as usual he kicked butt. He along with Derrick Henry later on lead me to victory.
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Color me as one of apparently the few who think Robinson is not as good as his press. He rarely gets much separation from defenders and is not the burner that he was sold as when the Bears signed him. Just got outfought on a 50/50 ball for an int.
Another underwhelming win. A-Rob definitely didn't earn an extension today. That INT was an underthrown ball by Mitch, but no way should your #1 receiver who wants to get paid big money get outfought for a ball by a DB who had his back turned and wasn't even looking at the ball. Very, very disappointed in A-Rob today.

The offense comes out firing early and then decided to call it a day in the 2nd half. They just can't put it together for 4 quarters. Nagy continues to try and be the smartest guy in the room instead of having his guys come out and play football. You have Montgomery running it well and killing the clock, then 3rd and 4th and 1 comes around and you pass?? He only got bailed out by a lucky fourth down conversion. You just gotta feed the hot hand. That was Montgomery and not Mitch.
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