NFL Thread 2020-2021

Geneseo, IL
NFL officially adds a 17th game to sched-Bears pick up a road trip to Las Vegas next season-no more 8-8 records.
AFC teams get extra home game this year and conferences will alternate who gets the extra home game each season. Number of preseason games is reduced down to 3 with the 17 regular season games. Extra game is cross conference match-up based on prior year's divisional standings and division schedule rotation from two years prior. For 2021, this means it will be NFC East at AFC East, NFC West at AFC North, NFC South at AFC South, and NFC North at AFC West.

Teams still only get one bye week. Regular season starts September 9th and ends January 9th. Super Bowl pushed back a week to February 13th.

Starting in 2022, each team will play an international game at least once every 8 seasons. They'll have 4 neutral-site games with the focus being on games in Canada, Europe, Mexico, South America, and the UK. Teams will still be able to voluntarily play home games internationally, which they can currently do.
Geneseo, IL
Nagy will resume play calling duties next season, no big surprise. Another lame press conference from Pace, with this bombshell-"We're excited to have Andy Dalton." Wow, who knew. Was unwilling to discuss at all what went wrong with Trubisky.
Anybody have a guess at what the Bears should or will do with the 20th pick?

Depends on whose available. I've been hearing a lot of talk of them drafting Kadarius Toney, WR, Florida, and using him as a slot guy running crossing patterns and verticals on passing plays. If they go o-line, then it'd likely be Christian Darrisaw, OT, Virginia Tech.