No fans at NCAA Tournament, B1G Tournament

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This will be the year a 16 seed wins the NC
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Non-refundable?? I have tickets to the games in St. Louis and they're giving refunds.

How could they not provide you a refund for a ticket they won't let you use?
Yeah, maybe non-refundable in normal circumstances, but with a potential pandemic on the move, you’d think they would understand.
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I read on another website that Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert has tested positive for the coronavirus so I can see why the NBA has suspended some games.
Rumors out tonight that the NCAA tournament cancellation being considered
This isn't a case of "other things more important than hoops," it's a case of extreme overreaction. Just play the games without fans if you need to.
No it’s actually not. Since Gobert tested positive the Utah Jazz players and any teams they’ve played in the last two weeks would have to refrain from play for two weeks. That would result in teams playing a differing number of games at the end of the season. The logistics of it wouldn’t work as much as I hate it and would hate it even more if the NCAA tournament was cancelled. Not to mention if any other players on his team or one they played catches it, it just adds two more weeks sadly. This whole situation is a tragedy
Agree with this, from NCAA point of view it also makes a lot of sense financially to limit risk. A few other posts talking about the money lost, imagine if they had a team exposed & had to cancel the tournament or the championship weekend had to be cancelled.
" Imagine if...." Like the NBA, Jazz and Gobert....costing NBA a bunch starting tonight. I'm still not convinced this is more than a bad flu season. Maybe we should just quarantine the country every flu season....
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I'm mentally preparing for the remainder of the B1G Tournament to be canceled tomorrow.
A good read for those who don't understand the thinking behind this. It is not so much the risk of death(which is still very serious) it is more because we don't want to get a huge flood of cases all at once that overwhelms our already poor quality health system. This will cause significant collateral damage for all the other people that need emergency hospitalization and people with chronic conditions. COVID cases that require hospitalizations take weeks to get better and we have very limited hospital beds in the US.
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If they are seriously considering canceling all of MM, I would propose they simply delay it by a month (or however long until the virus dies down).

I know the logistics of doing that are crazy, but ridiculous circumstances call for ridiculous measures.

Let all the conference tourneys happen, do selection Sunday, then for the first (and hopefully only) time, introduce MAY MADNESS!
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I'm mentally preparing for the remainder of the B1G Tournament to be canceled tomorrow.
Me too. Even mentally preparing that tonight is the last night we'll see college hoops this year, and if so it's not what I imagined as a finale watching DePaul on one channel and Bruce Weber on another. Remember (like five hours ago) when we used to talk about things like would this loss kill Xavier's tourney chances? I miss that.
I think the NCAA should finish the conference tourneys (or not) pick the 68 and then suspend the tourney for a couple weeks. Then take a look at the landscape to see how this is progressing. The players, coaches and fans are all in this together. Give it some time before you pull the plug or play these games under the current cicumstances.
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