No fans at NCAA Tournament, B1G Tournament

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Omaha, Nebraska
I remember watching that 2015 White Sox game against the Orioles where no fans were allowed in. THAT was weird... but as a White Sox Fan, I'm used to watching my team play in front of very few fans. Watching a basketball game with no fans allowed in is going to be a LOT stranger than that.
I would think this could lead to more upsets, no? Kansas in Omaha, Gonzaga in Spokane, Duke in Greensboro lose a lot of crowd support in their early games.
Just the opposite. I've been going to the tournament for 30+ consecutive years. What happens is when the underdog starts winning, instead of 2,500 fans behind them, it turns into 20,000 fans behind them. The underdog gets a huge jolt and the favorite panics.

All things being equal now, the bigger, stronger, more talented team will prevail. The emotion will be sucked out of the game.
They have done it Tess!
To me, it should be all or nothing. not looking out for the players safety?
Chicago, IL
As someone in the medical field, this is the right thing to do. Even if it's an overreaction or done out of an abundance of caution, you don't want to be looking 2 months in the future and wishing you had done differently.

As a fan this absolutely sucks. I have earnestly awaited Illinois's presence in the tourney for 7 years and now we're essentially only getting a partial tournament. I'm still going to watch and support our student athletes but this is beyond heartbreaking to have to do.
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